Roller Blinds:A Perfect Option For Home Aesthetics

Our home life is a beautiful place where an individual can receive a deep pleasure in the cosy warmth within the pillars of the house. So, why don’t you make this feeling unforgettable by adding some great options to your home decor!Well, a modern home includes variety of aesthetic furniture which is fragile but sturdy and pretty yet cost-effective. In order to make your home morestylish, choose our roller blinds in Perth. Our roller blinds can offer an ultra-modern style as well as adding to the ambience of your home.The benefits of our roller blinds is that we have a wonderful selection of blinds in both manual/battery and motorised roller blinds.

Top Highlighting BenefitsOf Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds in Perth of Perth Blinds can protect against harsh weather condition.Protects the sun from destroying your furniture.
  • Our roller shades can offer Warmth and darkness by shielding against the sunlight.
  • The roller blinds of Perth Blinds are the best option for all seasons. In winter, you can fold and adjust the blinds to let the sun light enter into your home and bring the necessary light by keeping it warm.
  • Our roller shades are easy to operate. In short, the operation is very simple rather than being complex or complicated to handle.
  • The most important benefit of our roller blinds in Perth is that it offers a sense of solitude and privacy to your belongings. You could have came across situations when people sneak or peep in your home! With our roller blinds, you can able to enjoy the ultimate privacy, comfort and relaxation in your sweet home.
  • One of the most significant benefits of installing our roller blinds is that they are long lasting option.

Varieties Of Roller Blinds

Our blinds are available in different sizes, shapes and colours to match your preference and home decor. Moreover, our roller blinds are quite popular among people living in Australia as they feel that these blinds can add enormous value to the home decor. The variable design of roller blinds can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home interior. With so many options available, the sleek look and innovative design have made our roller blinds one of the ideal option for you; if you are planning then compliment the home surroundings in a better way.

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Choose The Perfect Blind That Suits Your Home Decor

Well, the blinds that you will choose, have a big impact on the appearance as well as feel of your home; so it’s very important to choose the perfect style of blinds that suits your home décor!

What Types of Blinds Available in Perth

With the new and innovative products come into the market every now and again, there is availability of top 3 choices for blinds when it comes to the home décor:

  • Roman
  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Vertical

Top 4 Blinds To Ensure a Perfect Investment For Your Home Décor

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are manufactured from horizontal slats, usually wood and aluminum and being suspended by cords in order to let each and every slat to rotate together. The main aim of this blind is to offer you a precise control over the amount of light entering the time as well as the ultimate level of privacy that you will get.

Top Highlights of Venetian Blinds

  • Easy to Install and Ease Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Available in Wide Array of Colors and Designs

 Roman Blinds

In general, roman blinds are made of soft fabric. When the roman blinds are down, consequently they will lie flat against the window and when it is raised, they will again gather into pleats. Usually, roman blinds may come in three different varieties:

  • Fabric
  • Blockout (To Stop the Heat and Light Emission)
  • Light Filtering (To Allow the Natural Light Come In; while Keeping Away the Heat, Glare or Sheer.

Top Highlights of Roman Blinds

  • Stylish
  • Sophisticated
  • A Good Privacy Addition
  • Suitable for Dry Rooms

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the most popular choice of blinds for home décor in Perth since 2005. There is a huge array of fabrics used in roller blinds. That’s the main reason why, roller blinds are considered as a perfect option for home aesthetics( you want to choose as per operation wise, then it can be categorized into two varieties:

  • Chain Controlled
  • Motorized

Top Highlights of Roller Blinds

  • A Wide Selection of Fabrics
  • Extensive Colors and Finishes
  • Child safe Products

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most obvious choice of blinds in order to add an ultimate level of glamor and class to your residential property. When it comes to home decoration, vertical blinds can be the necessary addition to any residential property.

 Top Highlights of Vertical Blinds

  • Convenient and Versatility
  • Essential for Home Decoration
  • Available in Spontaneous Colors
  • Extensive Variety of Designs and Fabrics

Moreover, the blinds are not something that you can buy frequently; so it’s time to think a long term, qualitative blinds which can last for years!

Perth Blinds has a wide range of blinds on display in a huge array of colors and designs to choose from. So take your time and choose the blind that you will feel it right for your home.

The Benefits of Reflective Tinting

Exposure to UV for an extended period of time can be unsafe and damaging not only to your skin but also your floors and furniture. Reflective Tinting is an effective film that creates a UV barrier and has the ability to blocks 75% to 99% of ultraviolet light and heat into your home or office. Reflective Tinting is not directly intended for decoration but creates a mirrored look and has other great benefits to offer. Few of them are as follows:

Creates a Luxurious Look

The appearance and street appeal is significant to any home and that might be one of the acceptable reasons to tint your glass windows or doors.  The best quality Reflective Tinting on your doors and windows can offer your home a sleek, luxurious look during the daytime. The assortment of shades and colors of Reflective Tinting available from us can match to most designs and create amodern style and look for your home or office

Maintain Privacy

Privacy is the basic essential of every home or office and everyone needs privacy in their homes. Closing the windows or pulling down the blinds or shades constantly can block the views of your outdoor areas. In this case, the Reflective Tinting plays a crucial role to maintain your privacy effortlessly. It ensures that your garden or outer area is visible at all times during the day without disturbing your privacy.

Reducing Energy Bills

The Reflective Tinting has the capability to reduce the amount of direct sunlight, UV and heat that enters your home from the windows. Reflective Tinting is a cheaper option to keep your home or office cool during the hotter months. On the other hand, the insulation effect of Reflective Tinting means that the heatwill stay inside the home during winter months. This helps save on your utility use by lessening the need for  heating or cooling in your home.

UV Protection

The UV that enters your home and office through the windows is one of the main reasons for fading of your furniture, carpets and blinds etc. It also has the capacity of reducing the lifespan of your wooden products by bending or warping it and shortens the lifespan of digital products and electronics items in a home. Reflective Tinting has the capability of reflecting and absorbing the heat and UV levels from 78% up to 99% depending on the quality of Reflective Tinting.


If you’re looking for a big way to save money, protect your health, guard your privacy, and conserve energy for years to come contact Perth Eagle Blinds for best quality and range of Reflective Tinting for your home. With us, you are always protected from the sun’s harmful heat and UV rays whenever you are inside your home or office. Call (08)9309 2907 for a free quote. E: or visit our website

Timber and Timber Look Venetians

Timber Venetian Blinds

Cedar is a 100% natural timber blind system, designed to appeal to customers who are seeking a natural looking Timber blind. Lacquered Cedar is almost maintenance free as you don’t need to apply any oils to the blinds, cleaning the blinds is the only maintenance. There are different qualities of Cedar blinds available in Perth, We choose to sell the best available to our customers at our everyday low prices.

We only use the best quality Cedar Timber, made from plantation timber. Cedar is much lighter than the “Timber Look” Venetians, so you can have blinds made up to 3m wide.

Cedar is coloured naturally.46mm blades are available in natural Light-Medium tones or Medium- Dark tones. There is the option for a 90mm blade in white.

Features a stylish and functional trapezoidal shaped bottom rail. This shape provides better closure and allows the bottom rail to sit lower to the windowsill, therefore reducing light gaps.

Cedar venetians are lacquered with a UV-stabilized lacquer to reduce fading. The UV Stabiliser will slow down the fading of Cedar blinds but not stop the fading from the Suns UV completely. Cedar will bleach over time, but this happens gradually, depending on the level of exposure to the sun.

Cedar is a natural product therefore there will be some variation in the colour of the blades from piece to piece.

The lacquer finish used on these is designed for interior use only, they are not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms or laundry’s.

Cedar is used in blinds because it is a very stable timber. Warping or twisting rarely happens.Cedar is classes as a soft timber so if you hit the blind with force the timber will dent. Blades can be replaced if damaged but at a cost.

These blinds are manufactured to meet Australian Safety Standards and have Child safe cords. The Timber is a non-toxic product and can be cleaned using a duster or vacuum when necessary.

The Cedar used for our blinds is grown primarily in plantations in Canada and North America. It is relatively slow growing, but readily available. The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly and ongoing supply.

Local (Perth) manufacturing means fast delivery and supports Australian jobs.

Why to Choose Roller Blinds for your Home in Perth?

Do you want to update or refresh your home in Perth? Are you looking for trendy and stylish window covering? In Perth, you will find there are many types of window coverings available, from which roller blinds have found to be the most preferred by the homeowners in Perth. The roller blinds boasts of having a plenty of useful features that makes it an ideal window covering.

Let usdiscuss about the top reasons to choose roller blinds for your home in Perth:

#1- Get a Stylish and Attractive Window Covering:

By installing roller blinds on your windows will help in creating a smart and contemporary look that will enhance the room’s decor without dominating it. In case, you have a window that has simple lines, then a roller blind will prove to be the perfect choice to upliftit’s appearance and aesthetics. Available in an amazing choice of fabrics, colors and designs, you will get an opportunity to buy roller blinds that offers complete control of the level of light and helps in enhancing the room’s decor and aesthetics.

 #2- Protect your Home from Harsh Sunlight:

Windows for your Perth home when well dressed with attractive roller blinds having the right type of fabric will offer top quality sun protection. It is true that the furniture, fabrics and upholstery can fade or get damage when exposed to direct sunlight day after day. In this case selecting the roller blinds (having a right type of fabric) for your windows will protect your expensive fabrics and furniture from bleaching in the sun.

#3- Opportunity to get a Wonderful View:

You will happy to hear that roller blinds offer an unhindered view of the outside when rolled up. Unlike other forms of window dressing or covering, roller blinds will help you enjoy the best of both worlds by giving you the option to create as much light as possible or blocking out the outside world (if required).

#4- Enjoy a Great Level of Versatility:

The best thing about roller blinds are that these blinds are suitable for installing in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. The roller blinds are perfect for dealing with moisture issues and can be easily cleaned and spruced up by wiping it with a damp cloth. For bedrooms, you can opt for roller blinds with block out fabric that will help you enjoy a sound night’s sleep.

You can opt for buying customized roller blinds in Perth from Perth Blinds that will prove value for money. Using durable materials and good quality the Australian made fabrics, we will design the roller blinds that will offer the highest standard of durability and functionality. As per the requirement and budget, our designers will customize a suitable and top quality roller blinds that will exceed your expectations.

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How Do You Buy Right Roller Blinds For Your Home In Perth?

Have you decided to freshen up your windows in Perth? Or have you just moved into a new home in Perth where you need new window coverings? If yes, then choose no other than roller blinds.

No matter whatever style of home you own or your design preferences are, there is a blind that will suit your home perfectly. With such a wide array of roller blinds available in Perth and so many fabrics and designs to choose from, making the final decision can be tough. Follow our easy guidelines and choose the perfect blind best suiting your needs and preferences:

Style and Decor: -

If you are looking to simply refresh a living space, then you will need roller blinds that will enhance your home décor for sure. If you want to choose an opposing design to the existing home décor, it will spoil the entire look and feel of the room. If you are considering restyling the entire room, keep in mind that the world is your oyster! Then, you can start to look at the designs available for roller blinds in Perth along with paint, wallpaper and soft furnishings.

Consider Budget: -

When choosing roller blinds for your home in Perth, you should be clear about how much you want to spend. After all, depending upon the blind style and fabric you choose, the cost will vary significantly. In fact, a simple and clean style roller blind in a color can be often a cost effective way to insert vibrant energy into a room.

If you have uneven shaped windows or are looking for blinds for large windows, you will need to take into consideration of the cost of cutting the window. Your budget will also rely on how many rooms you want to upgrade with roller blinds in Perth. For instance, if you are focusing on a single room, it makes sense to invest in a higher specification blind. However, if the whole house needs new blinds, you may start looking for reasonable versions to make it more affordable.

Privacy and Light Control: -

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is how much light and privacy you will need your roller blinds to provide in your living space. Depending upon the blind style you will get a different level of privacy and light, so you should think carefully before making your decision. The most preferable way of creating light, airy space is to choose a lighter fabric or opt for venetian roller blinds in Perth. If you are looking to create a cosy, intimate feel in a room, you can choose roller blinds in a thick, dark fabric.

Conclusion: -

For fabulous ranges of venetian blinds, roman blinds like roller blinds in Perth, choose Perth Blinds for your best selection! We can help you throughout the decision process and will measure and fit your blinds for you; so contact us today on (08) 9309 2907 or send us an email now!

Why to Buy Cafe Blinds for your Residential or Commercial Property?

Cafe blinds are also known as the outdoor blinds, which helps in adding a lot of appeal to a home or restaurant’s outdoor area. In a home these types of blinds are commonly used to enclose the outdoor spaces like the decks, pergolas or verandahs. The cafe or outdoor blinds not only enhances the aesthetics of a residential or commercial property in Perth, Western Australia, but also offers protection from sun damage, wind and rain.

The Popularity of Cafe or Outdoor Blinds:

In Perth, Western Australia, you can see the use of cafe or outdoor blinds at restaurants and eateries, which helps in providing the customers a comforting outdoor space, regardless of the weather. You can also witness that a huge number of residential properties in Perth are installing the cafe or outdoor blinds to extend the use of outdoor living space. This helps in maximizing an outdoor living space and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather like the sun or rain.

Cafe Blinds

Installing the cafe or outdoor blinds will help you in protecting your outdoor furniture from the harsh afternoon sun as well as will also will turn your outdoor space into a usable area, which will be less than the cost of adding a room. You can transform your deck or pergola into a stylish extended outdoor space. With the cafe or outdoor blinds, you need not have to restrict yourself to the indoor. These types of blinds will work wonders for every season and weather in Australia.

A popular choice of homes and businesses in Perth, Western Australia, the cafe or outdoor blinds are simple yet versatile and can be easily operated in a manual or automated way. The most popular Ziptrack® cafe or outdoor blinds in Perth have no ropes, no buckles and no ropes, which makes it easy to use and operate the blinds. The Ziptrack® blinds are capable of keeping the areas warm in winter and cool in summer, which allows you to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. It is quite easy to pull down and push up the cafe or outdoor blinds.

Cafe Blinds

Top Features of cafe or outdoor blinds:

1. Auto Arm Awnings:

The outdoor blinds designed with auto arm awnings are specially created for ground floor windows. The slanted design helps the blinds to sit out slightly from the base of the window, which invites breezes while maintaining an optimum level of privacy and heat protection.

Cafe Blinds


2. Premium Locking Base Rail:

The outdoor or cafe blind has a unique Locking base rail that locks on both sides and has the strongest and durable base rail. Whether it is gabled or curved patio, the cafe or outdoor blinds can be custom made to fit your purpose and serve with a good level of functionality.

3. Budget Channel Blinds:

Having the channeling at the sides and crank gearbox operation, the cafe or outdoor blinds come with a simple pocket and rod base with lock in pins. Normally, these types of cafe or outdoor blinds are available in Sunscreen fabric or PVC.


You can buy top quality cafe blinds from Perth Blinds that are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics and come with a 5-year guarantee. We will make sure in customizing a functional and the most elegant blind as per the requirement and budget for your Perth home or business. Contact us today at (08) 9309 2907 to get a free quoteFor more details, stay social with us: