Why Hardwood Blinds are the Most Preferred Choice Among Many Homeowners

Cedar is a 100% natural timber blind system, designed to appeal to customers who are seeking a natural looking Timber blind. Lacquered Cedar is almost maintenance free as you don’t need to apply any oils to the blinds, cleaning the blinds is the only maintenance. There are different qualities of Cedar blinds available in Perth, We choose to sell the best available to our customers at our everyday low prices.

We only use the best quality Cedar Timber, made from plantation timber. Cedar is much lighter than the “Timber Look” Venetians, so you can have blinds made up to 3m wide.

Cedar is coloured naturally. 46mm blades are available in natural Light-Medium tones or Medium- Dark tones. There is the option for a 90mm blade in white.

hardwood blinds

Features a stylish and functional trapezoidal shaped bottom rail. This shape provides better closure and allows the bottom rail to sit lower to the windowsill, therefore reducing light gaps.

Cedar venetians are lacquered with a UV-stabilized lacquer to reduce fading. The UV Stabiliser will slow down the fading of Cedar blinds but not stop the fading from the Suns UV completely. Cedar will bleach over time, but this happens gradually, depending on the level of exposure to the sun.

Cedar is a natural product therefore there will be some variation in the colour of the blades from piece to piece.

hardwood blinds

The lacquer finish used on these is designed for interior use only, they are not recommended for wet areas like bathrooms or laundry’s.

Cedar is used in blinds because it is a very stable timber. Warping or twisting rarely happens. Cedar is classes as a soft timber so if you hit the blind with force the timber will dent. Blades can be replaced if damaged but at a cost.

These blinds are manufactured to meet Australian Safety Standards and have Child safe cords. The Timber is a non-toxic product and can be cleaned using a duster or vacuum when necessary.

The Cedar used for our blinds is grown primarily in plantations in Canada and North America. It is relatively slow growing, but readily available. The plantation forests are managed for sustainability, ensuring an environmentally friendly and ongoing supply.

hardwood blinds

Local (Perth) manufacturing means fast delivery and supports Australian jobs.

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The Advantage of Harmony Tinting and Film at Your Property

No matter where you are, applying Harmony tinting can create a safer environment. Harmony tinting is a unique high-performance soft film that creates excellent day and night optics for a neutral exterior appearance. Safety and security films can prevent accidents or theft and increase privacy. It will cut the glare and Ultra Violet light whilst reducing the heat that enters through the glass to your home. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, harmony tinting film can provide a heap of benefits. To mention a few are as follows:

1. Privacy

Harmony tinting will not only let light inside the home but makes it nearly impossible for outsiders to see in during the day. It acts as an element of privacy from the outside world. This increase in privacyis beneficial for keeping the eyes on passers-by or neighbors easily.  It also helps to keep your property or possessions private from any burglar who happens to be covering the area. Therefore harmony tinting is desired for privacy and comfort many clients.

2. Saves on Energy Costs

Professionally installed and quality Harmony tinting will save you money by reducing up to 80% of heat transfer through windows. Sometimes it reduces the need for using air conditioning; therefore a bigger reduction in your energy consumption. It has the best features to preserve up to 90% of the heat evasion through the glass which means reduced heat escaping during the winter months.

3. Safety and security

Harmony Window tinting offers a big support if the glass is broken by an attempted burglary, severe weather or natural disaster. It will make it extremely difficult to break and almost impossible to enter through even if the glass is broken. It holds the glass together so that it doesn’t shatter and spread across the room. This is an extra safety feature and will give much strength to your glasswindows and doors.

4. Reduction of Glare and UV

Glare can be frustrating when trying to watch the TV or working on your computer. Window Tinting will reduce the amount of glare that enters your home. UV radiation of the sun is the leading cause of non-melanoma skin problems. Harmony window tinting film has the capacity to reduce more than 95% of UV rays and glare, therefore will protect you and your family when inside the home.

6. Protect from damage

Long-term exposure to solar heat and its UV rays may bring harm to your valuables,possetions and furnishings. Sunlight will discolor and weaken anything that comes in its path. It will degrade the life of carpeting, wall coverings, drapes and even precious materials in a home. The sun’s UV rays affect all surfaces and can cause plastic and wood to crack and peel too. The Harmony tinting film is the best option to prevent such damage caused by direct UV and sun.


Perth Blinds is a Perth based company well known to provide quality window tinting film and professional service. We make sure you invest in good quality blinds and window tinting and that you can use them to their full potential. We are always looking out for new products to add to our range. For any queries or free measure please feel free to contact us at08 9309 2907 today!

The Significance of Hardwood Timber Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds are the must-have addition to any home décor. When it comes to hardwood blinds, the wood evokes a refreshing, warm, amazing feel in any room. They offer the minimalistic and super stylish look that workswith different decorating styles.

For instance, if you have a blue room, you’ll likely see that the hardwood blinds compliment the sky blue colour. Though the timber colours come from the nature, they work in harmony to create a perfect balance. Are you still not convinced enough to invest in hardwood timber venetian blinds? Please check out the ultimate significance of hardwood blinds at home:

Complimenting every home décor

Certainly, it’s the main benefit of choosing this type of Venetian blind. You should consider how well the design and material will feature in your home. You must check whether it balances perfectly with existing furnishings.

Remember, the beauty of timber never goes out of fashion! Like wise hardwood timber flooring, the timber venetian blinds capture a timeless charm. There is a huge availability of different colours so that you can align your blinds with your personal tastes and design or to match your existing colour schemes.

Custom Made to your requirements

There are so many different window and door sizes, there is no standard size. Ready-made blinds might be affordable howeverif the blind doesn’t fit your window properly, it can look very tacky and won’t work effectively for privacy and light control. This is why ours are custom-made hardwood timber blinds so that they suit all different window sizes.

Ensuring round-the-clock privacy and protection

The tilt and lift operation of timber blinds provide ultimate level of privacy and light control. This means, you can angle the slats to ensure privacy and light while enjoying an outlook. They can allow breeze and air flow compared to roller blinds that block out both.

The slats hide shadows and outlines of people and objects in the room at night making them one of the best options for privacy while choosing a window covering.


Compared to aluminium venetians and roller blinds, the timber venetian blinds have more weight and durability. It will help you put a stop to those irritating banging sounds that other blinds make when the wind blows. The durable, long-lasting solid paint or stain on the timber finish provides resistance against fading in the harsh Australian sun.

Easy to clean and maintain

Last but not the least, timber venetian blinds are easy to clean. While some blinds are quite difficult to clean without taking them off the window, timber venetian blinds only need a simple dust with a vacuum, hand-held duster or a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Still having trouble deciding which blinds to choose for your home?

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Why Use Cables when Wireless Rollers can make Your Blind Wire Free

Wireless Rollers blinds as a luxury item have now become affordable! With a single touch of your finger, your Wireless Rollers can lift and lower your window coverings. Your wireless rollers blinds will certainly meet your expectations when it comes to function and style. Wireless Roller blinds give a beautiful finish that is a must-have for the design-conscious homeowners or property developers for convenience and safety. With the touch of a button motorised blinds are simple and easy to use every time!


Wireless Motorised Roller Blinds are the perfect solution for a modern house with large or small windows. Whatever the size of your window; Wireless Rollers can blend in and you can easily manage to operate any blinds from one central remote control, without effort and with the right technology some can be operated without being at the property! It can be a convenient way to integrate into a Smart Home Automation System and these Wireless Rollers make your life easier. They allow you to program a preferred position for your blinds so that you can access it every time with a simple press of your button.


Chain-operated blinds when installed properly are child safe however; Wireless Rollers blinds reduce any risk of chains and cords which can be a hazard to small children and pets. The timer control system in wireless rollers offers you and your family a great peace of mind. The timer system for lowering or raising the blinds during day or night gives an impression that someone is at the property; even though you may not be in. 

The wow effect

Wireless Rollers blinds provide luxury and stylishness for any home and office. They will add a value and appeal to people who would like to have fully automated surroundings.  Integrating Wireless Rollers for window dressings with a complete network truly bring the wow effect to your home or commercial area. The motor is hidden tactfully inside the tube and provide a smart finish without visible operating cords. The control of motors is also tactfully made in the form of a stylish hand-held remote control or wall switch. Some can even be controlled from your compatible smart phone or tablet.


If you are looking for a premiumblind Company to install high quality, affordable blinds to your home then look no further than Perth Blinds! We offer a range of different options for your Roller Blinds. For more information, visit our website www.perthblinds.com or contact us at (08) 9309 2907 today! Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter social networks!

Roller Blinds:A Perfect Option For Home Aesthetics

Our home life is a beautiful place where an individual can receive a deep pleasure in the cosy warmth within the pillars of the house. So, why don’t you make this feeling unforgettable by adding some great options to your home decor!Well, a modern home includes variety of aesthetic furniture which is fragile but sturdy and pretty yet cost-effective. In order to make your home morestylish, choose our roller blinds in Perth. Our roller blinds can offer an ultra-modern style as well as adding to the ambience of your home.The benefits of our roller blinds is that we have a wonderful selection of blinds in both manual/battery and motorised roller blinds.

Top Highlighting BenefitsOf Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds in Perth of Perth Blinds can protect against harsh weather condition.Protects the sun from destroying your furniture.
  • Our roller shades can offer Warmth and darkness by shielding against the sunlight.
  • The roller blinds of Perth Blinds are the best option for all seasons. In winter, you can fold and adjust the blinds to let the sun light enter into your home and bring the necessary light by keeping it warm.
  • Our roller shades are easy to operate. In short, the operation is very simple rather than being complex or complicated to handle.
  • The most important benefit of our roller blinds in Perth is that it offers a sense of solitude and privacy to your belongings. You could have came across situations when people sneak or peep in your home! With our roller blinds, you can able to enjoy the ultimate privacy, comfort and relaxation in your sweet home.
  • One of the most significant benefits of installing our roller blinds is that they are long lasting option.

Varieties Of Roller Blinds

Our blinds are available in different sizes, shapes and colours to match your preference and home decor. Moreover, our roller blinds are quite popular among people living in Australia as they feel that these blinds can add enormous value to the home decor. The variable design of roller blinds can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home interior. With so many options available, the sleek look and innovative design have made our roller blinds one of the ideal option for you; if you are planning then compliment the home surroundings in a better way.

Contact us today and place the order for your home decoration purposes. For more details, make a visit to Perth Blinds at perthblinds.com or connect with us on plus.google.com.

Choose The Perfect Blind That Suits Your Home Decor

Well, the blinds that you will choose, have a big impact on the appearance as well as feel of your home; so it’s very important to choose the perfect style of blinds that suits your home décor!

What Types of Blinds Available in Perth

With the new and innovative products come into the market every now and again, there is availability of top 3 choices for blinds when it comes to the home décor:

  • Roman
  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Vertical

Top 4 Blinds To Ensure a Perfect Investment For Your Home Décor

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are manufactured from horizontal slats, usually wood and aluminum and being suspended by cords in order to let each and every slat to rotate together. The main aim of this blind is to offer you a precise control over the amount of light entering the time as well as the ultimate level of privacy that you will get.

Top Highlights of Venetian Blinds

  • Easy to Install and Ease Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Available in Wide Array of Colors and Designs

 Roman Blinds

In general, roman blinds are made of soft fabric. When the roman blinds are down, consequently they will lie flat against the window and when it is raised, they will again gather into pleats. Usually, roman blinds may come in three different varieties:

  • Fabric
  • Blockout (To Stop the Heat and Light Emission)
  • Light Filtering (To Allow the Natural Light Come In; while Keeping Away the Heat, Glare or Sheer.

Top Highlights of Roman Blinds

  • Stylish
  • Sophisticated
  • A Good Privacy Addition
  • Suitable for Dry Rooms

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the most popular choice of blinds for home décor in Perth since 2005. There is a huge array of fabrics used in roller blinds. That’s the main reason why, roller blinds are considered as a perfect option for home aesthetics(http://www.perthblinds.com)If you want to choose as per operation wise, then it can be categorized into two varieties:

  • Chain Controlled
  • Motorized

Top Highlights of Roller Blinds

  • A Wide Selection of Fabrics
  • Extensive Colors and Finishes
  • Child safe Products

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most obvious choice of blinds in order to add an ultimate level of glamor and class to your residential property. When it comes to home decoration, vertical blinds can be the necessary addition to any residential property.

 Top Highlights of Vertical Blinds

  • Convenient and Versatility
  • Essential for Home Decoration
  • Available in Spontaneous Colors
  • Extensive Variety of Designs and Fabrics

Moreover, the blinds are not something that you can buy frequently; so it’s time to think a long term, qualitative blinds which can last for years!

Perth Blinds has a wide range of blinds on display in a huge array of colors and designs to choose from. So take your time and choose the blind that you will feel it right for your home.

The Benefits of Reflective Tinting

Exposure to UV for an extended period of time can be unsafe and damaging not only to your skin but also your floors and furniture. Reflective Tinting is an effective film that creates a UV barrier and has the ability to blocks 75% to 99% of ultraviolet light and heat into your home or office. Reflective Tinting is not directly intended for decoration but creates a mirrored look and has other great benefits to offer. Few of them are as follows:

Creates a Luxurious Look

The appearance and street appeal is significant to any home and that might be one of the acceptable reasons to tint your glass windows or doors.  The best quality Reflective Tinting on your doors and windows can offer your home a sleek, luxurious look during the daytime. The assortment of shades and colors of Reflective Tinting available from us can match to most designs and create amodern style and look for your home or office

Maintain Privacy

Privacy is the basic essential of every home or office and everyone needs privacy in their homes. Closing the windows or pulling down the blinds or shades constantly can block the views of your outdoor areas. In this case, the Reflective Tinting plays a crucial role to maintain your privacy effortlessly. It ensures that your garden or outer area is visible at all times during the day without disturbing your privacy.

Reducing Energy Bills

The Reflective Tinting has the capability to reduce the amount of direct sunlight, UV and heat that enters your home from the windows. Reflective Tinting is a cheaper option to keep your home or office cool during the hotter months. On the other hand, the insulation effect of Reflective Tinting means that the heatwill stay inside the home during winter months. This helps save on your utility use by lessening the need for  heating or cooling in your home.

UV Protection

The UV that enters your home and office through the windows is one of the main reasons for fading of your furniture, carpets and blinds etc. It also has the capacity of reducing the lifespan of your wooden products by bending or warping it and shortens the lifespan of digital products and electronics items in a home. Reflective Tinting has the capability of reflecting and absorbing the heat and UV levels from 78% up to 99% depending on the quality of Reflective Tinting.


If you’re looking for a big way to save money, protect your health, guard your privacy, and conserve energy for years to come contact Perth Eagle Blinds for best quality and range of Reflective Tinting for your home. With us, you are always protected from the sun’s harmful heat and UV rays whenever you are inside your home or office. Call (08)9309 2907 for a free quote. E: sales@eagleblinds.com.au or visit our website www.perthblinds.com